The ISO-7010 W012

Title/Meaning/Referent : Warning; Electricity

Function/description : To warn of electricity

Image content : Lightning bolt

The ISO-7010 W012 Standard Proportions

"The flash symbol, in its various forms, is actually a universally accepted symbol for ‘danger electricity’ and as such TG couldn’t register or copyright their version of the symbol. In fact (as it later transpired and unbeknown to TG at the time) David Bowie had used the same symbol inside a circle and of near identical shape and proportions to the TG flash for his Ziggy Stardust tour of 1973, although in the 1980s Bowie changed his flash logo to be more ‘top heavy’."

- Throbbing Gristle Official Site

The ISO-7010 E010

Title/Meaning/Referent : Automated external heart defibrillator

Function/description : To indicate the lcoation of an automated external heart defibrillator

Image content : Heart with lightning bolt in the middle, first aid cross

IOS charging screen

IOS Charging Splash Screen

How internet art happens

Volksamt! inherited the lightning bolt as their logo for a variety of reasons.

One of these reasons is the wide use of it's likeness to both the letters S and Z.

In the case of Volksamt! the lightning bolt replaces the S, signifying to impact of the Volk on the Amt and the consequential impact of the Amt on the Volk.


Another reason is the ambiguous and unattainable nature of the ownership of the lightning bolt.

It is the only symbol to have been used by; 

The Nazi Party,

A German Car Manufacturer,

A Mediocre Australian Rock Band,

A Pandrogynous Chaos Magick Initiative,

A TV Network Aimed at (pre)Teen Audiences,

The Most Famous Media Player of early 2000s,

A Superhero Fighting (figurative) Space Nazis,

Handful Other Heroes of Varying Degrees of Popularity,




By using a symbol that cannot be owned, Volksamt! both protects itself from dispute

 and at the same time declares that it has no interest in disputing others.

The telltale difference of Volksamt!'s lightning bolt is it's lack of tilt.

It proudly declares;


Volksamt Bolt

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