Trade Manufaktur
What Volksamt! does is creating problems, and solving them.
What Volkswerk! does is solving your problems.
Because we love good problems !

Volkswerk! is an off-shot of Volksamt! Kultur Manufaktur. Alongside our own artistic practice, we love helping other creatives realize their projects. While we specialize in finding unique solutions to unique (artistic) problems, we are equally capable of just banging rocks together for you.

We understand and appreciate that indecisiveness is a natural consequence of the artistic process, afterall we are artists as well. Therefore, we can think and work with you on a project, or just decide for you and get it done if that's what you are looking for.

Solve your problem before it consumes you;

What can we actually do for you?

In our own work we use a lot of wood, steel and code. Our love for these media(sic) grew into an obsession over the years. These are the 3 main obessions we can offer you qualified assistance in.

We are very capable of;

Woodworking and super duper precise CNC Machining

Metalworking and Welding

Creative Coding for Audio and Video Applications

Designing and Manufacturing Custom Hardware

Exhibition Manufacturing and Build-Up

Honest to God Blue Collar Labour

We are artists as well;

We are artists just like you; we also have a healthy disregard for the rules. This does not mean we are reckless workers by any means, instead we are open and perceptive.

We are realistic about the economics of the cultural sector; we aim to produce work that is as sustainable as the budget allows.

While we can produce highly polished work we can also slap something together out of trash if you didn't get that last funding application approved.