An installation based on TL lamps as primary units/bit/1s. Composed in various site-specific forms.

The system functions by pushing electrical current through the body, connecting the recipient into the machine.

Light reacts to body, body reacts to light, light reacts to sound, sound reacts to light, body reacts to sound, light reacts to body.

Body is the tool of the trade.

Made in the image of the forefathers, the original Generation Z.

 For they are the lightning beneath our wings.

An homage to Carolee Schneemann's Hearth Chamber/Cunt Chamber

In Greyspace In the Middle, during " Kantarion Sound Invites: " <= Check them out!


In Tuebingen DE during Generate Festival. They will not get linked here because the bastards never paid us.


The interview that almost got G. Atabek, our brand representative at the time suspended, for being a drunk idiot. Too bad he is the webmaster.

Made by dear Sin Wave