An installation based on TL lamps as primary units/bit/1s. Composed in various site-specific forms.

Light reacts to body, body reacts to light, light reacts to sound, sound reacts to light, body reacts to sound, light reacts to body.

||||||||||||| is a study for TL lamps and a convolution synthesizer. (upto) 8 TL lamps representing binary bits are used as structural interventions in space. The audience is invited to “inject” themselves into the installation by touching 2 electrodes. The installation reacts to the touch by measuring the galvanic skin response and constantly mapping it to an 8-bit value, represented by the lamps. Change in bits pings a convolution network creating an unmistakably digital and opressively reverberant soundscape that wraps the viewer.

An homage to Carolee Schneemann's Hearth Chamber/Cunt Chamber

The interview that almost got G. Atabek, our brand representative at the time suspended, for being a drunk idiot. Too bad he is the webmaster.

Made by dear Sin Wave

Presented at Grey Space in the Middle (NL), Dutch Modular Fest (NL) and Generate! (DE).