Intona - with DNK Ensemble

In 2021 Volksamt deployed their local representative at the time, G Atabek, to join DNK Ensemble for a unique re-enactment of the infamous Dick Raijmaakers piece Intona

"For the original 1991 work, Raaijmakers heated, boiled, and pierced his microphones to capture their ‘dying breath’ within a musically theatrical context, he even dissolved them in acid.
Doing so, he mobilized the microphone as an instrument in and on itself, disconnected from its common reproductive function. In a four-day reworking Intona Re-enacted, the DNK Ensemble investigates this unique performance."

"For the opening night, the original theater setting for solo actor will be remodelled into a minimalist composition for four overlapping sequences of microphone treatments.
The piece will be performed by an ensemble of four performers and with the audio spatially diffused over a quadraphonic soundsystem."


"Over the following three days, the ensemble works as a production unit in the step-by-step processing of the left-behind microphones into phonographic objects on which the audio recordings of their own destruction are cut,
and in the conversion of the performance stage into an exhibition space where these objects will be displayed both as sculptures and as sound works."

DNK Ensemble is;

André Avelãs, Martijn Tellinga - composition, performance
Mint Park, Gökay Atabek - performance
Radboud Mens - engineering / audio recording / post-production

Photos courtesy of V2_ and Martijn Tellinga. Exhibition text retrived from V2_Unstable Media