6 Pieces for the Mouth & In-Intona

featuring VLKSFST Orchest

For this very special concert Volksamt! went back as resident to kargArt, an arts and music venue of Istanbul fame.

Contrary to Volksfest fashion the evening composed of a single performance wherein the newly formed VLKSFST Orchest performed 6 pieces from the Music For Contemporary Audience series by Volksamt!.
The microphones used for amplifying this process where then used in an re-enactment of Intona, a 1991 performance piece by Dick Raijmaakers.

In the original piece Raijmaakers attempts to "give the microphone a chance to express itself". He does so by destroying them with various tools.
"The intention however is not brute implosion or explosive violence – there’s no art in that – but in the intention of playing the microphone as expertly as possible." claims Raijmaakers.
With In-Intona the VLKSFST Orchestra tries to investigate this dichotomy. The microphones are first bent to the will of the human sonic emitter.
Then they are given their own voice; their opinion on what has transpired is instigated, through controlled but sheer violence.
After all one cannot make an omelette without cracking any eggs

VLKSFST Orchest 2021 is;
G. Atabek,
Murat VLKSFST Seckin,
Umit VLKSFST Uret.

  Shot by Fai Hathaway