Amplified Fencer Movement II

Amplified Fencer Movement II a photochronograhical video work exploring the poetry of fencing choreography. Presented as an installation consisting of a sculpture, 2 ch. vector graphics, single channel generative video and 2 ch. generative audio.

*All photos courtesy of the artist except last picture. Image credit Florian Voggeneder

The second movement of the Amplified Fencer series can be seen as the polar opposite of the first movement. Inspired by late 19th century chronophotography experiments, the explosive compositions of the fencer are displayed stretched out over time, with artificial-intelligence filling in the gaps where recording equipment (or the fencer) falls short.

Three fencing compositions were selected from G. Atabek's old competition diaries, from his time fencing for the Turkish national team. Three match finishing moves, archived respectively in Istanbul, Bratislava, and Sofia were re-enacted and recorded with a high-speed camera alongside the tech developed for Movement I. The footage is slowed down almost to a halt with the aid of Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation allowing the tiniest movements of the fencer to be perceivable.

Syncronized to the video, the audience is enveloped in an perpetually shifting, low-frequency heavy generative soundscape. These textures and fragments of sound are meticulously crafted by a computer vision algorithm; analyzing the visual information alongside its corresponding sensor data. This audio landscape evolves in tandem with the video, with various timbres resounding the fencer's dynamics.

This piece was created with the support of V2_ Lab for Unstable Media.

Presented at ArsELectronica Festival 2023(AU).