:| (This Artwork Collects Data) [or the Greatest Archieve of the Same Wall]

As a part of a group exhibition, ":|" was erected at REM Artspace (IST). A screen contained in a metal frame, : | is an installation that recognizes faces and makes them centerpiece of an absurdist painting.

When the audience visits the gallery the have the option have their face be made into a version Rene’s famous Son of Man; at the price of the work archiving their face. This forms an analogy to how facial recognition is emerging within social media apps. Unwilling users supplying their faces for a company with unknow intentions to see “funny” images about themselves.

Yet vox populi triumphed again.

By simply not visiting the exhibition the audience transformed the work; from a computer program designed to recognize faces into a program that only recognizes walls.

The resulting datapool, "Greatest Archieve of the Same Wall" is presented as 8000 distinct images composited into a ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005 Biometric of G. Atabek, our local representative at the time.

Click the Image below to go to the composite (Opens in new tab) [datapool.bmp 590,780,790 bytes]